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Issue 643 (06 February 2012)

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Welcome to BioNews by email, published by the Progress Educational Trust, providing you with news, comment and reviews on genetics, assisted conception, embryo/stem cell research and related areas. 

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The myth of the genomic revolution
06 February 2012 - by Dr Stuart Hogarth and Professor Paul Martin
'Building on our inheritance: Genomic technology in healthcare' is the latest in a long line of reports that have sought to assess the potential of genomic medicine and to outline how policy can best support its development.... [Read More]

News Digest

MPs call for more cord blood donations
06 February 2012 - by Dr Mary Yarwood
The All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Stem Cell Transplantation last week called for more facilities in the UK to increase the collection and banking of valuable cord blood.... [Read More]
Brain cells made from skin cells, bypassing stem cell phase
06 February 2012 - by Cathy Holding
Mouse skin cells have been converted directly into neural precursor cells which go on to form the major cells in the brain... [Read More]
Gene survey: Do you want to know your future diseases?
06 February 2012 - by Suzanne Elvidge
The idea of whole genome sequencing is becoming ever more popular, but it could mean you end up with more information than you bargained for; from your resistance to certain drugs to your risk of developing a range of diseases. But would you want to know? The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute ethics team has launched a survey to find out what people really do (and don't) want to know about their genomes... [Read More]
Australian IVF doctor sued for £7m after child born with genetic disorder
06 February 2012 - by Ayesha Jadoon
An IVF doctor in Australia who was involved in the conception of a child affected by a genetic disorder is being sued for 'wrongful birth'.... [Read More]
Sun, sex and babies: Could vitamin D boost fertility?
06 February 2012 - by Ruth Saunders
Exposure to increased levels of vitamin D could boost your fertility, a recent study suggests. The findings may also explain why conception rates fall in the winter and peak in the summer in Northern European countries.... [Read More]
'Goldilocks' gene response to TB suggests best treatment
06 February 2012 - by Dr Linda Wijlaars
The best treatment for tuberculosis (TB) could depend on which version of a particular gene the patient has. Researchers from the UK, US and Vietnam combined studies in zebrafish with clinical work to identify a gene that controls the inflammatory response in TB. It is one of the first applications of personalised medicine outside of cancer medicine... [Read More]
California clinic to perform stem cell procedure amid FDA lawsuit
06 February 2012 - by Maria Botcharova
A clinic in California has announced that its doctors are licensed and trained to carry out a stem cell treatment for chronic pain. Meanwhile, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is pursuing a lawsuit against Regenerative Sciences, the company that developed the technique... [Read More]
US stem cell company given green light for blindness trials
06 February 2012 - by Ruth Retassie
US company StemCells Inc have received Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorisation to carry out clinical trials of their treatment for one of the leading causes of blindness in over 55-year-olds... [Read More]
Concern over Welsh IVF shake-up
06 February 2012 - by Jessica Ware
The Welsh NHS has drawn criticism over its plan to open a new IVF clinic to replace one which is privately run. The new centre will cost £1.5 million and has sparked debate about the Welsh government's policy to not use the private sector in health care... [Read More]


Book Review: Ethical Issues of Human Genetic Databases - A Challenge to Classical Health Research Ethics?
06 February 2012 - by Dr Gill Haddow
DNA databanks - controversial yet exciting endeavours to collect and store individuals' DNA alongside other information - are the subject of Bernice Elger's latest book, which Gill Haddow describes as fundamental reading... [Read More]



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